55 The Prologue
Book #55: The Prologue was the first book in the Neomorphs series.
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Plot Summary

Jake gave the order to ram the Blade ship; an order that would inevitably kill all involved. Before the order can be carried out, though the Drode came to Tobias and told him the truth about the One. The One was the being that drove Crayak from his home galaxy; and now he's come to finish the job. So Crayak made a desperate move and cut a deal with the Animorphs. If they defeat the One, then Crayak will leave Earth alone in his game. And if they fail…. As a token of his "generosity", Crayak restored Tobias's humanity. Tobias and some of the others are then sent to Earth to try and stop the invasion before it starts. This is not the beginning of anything; far from it. This war has been going on for eons. But this is how it ends.
Main Character: Tobias

Contains Spoilers
The story begins with a basic recap of the events of ANIMORPHS and then switches to the present, where Jake gives the infamous order to "ram the Blade ship". Before the two ships collide, [[the Drode]]] freezes time and explains to Tobias that Crayak and The One have a complicated history, and that The One was the power that drove Crayak from its home galaxy. He asks Tobias to convince the other Animorphs to fight against The One on the Crayak's behalf. As a show of good faith, he returns Tobias to his human body. Furthermore, he activates the Blade ship's Zero-Space engines and sends the Blade ship light-years away before the Rachel can hit it. Tobias argues that the Animorphs should fight against The One, as it kidnapped Ax. They agree to do so, but only on the condition that, if they succeed, the Crayak and the Ellimist leave Earth alone in their game of power.

After traveling to the Iskoort planet, the Animorphs learn that the Yoorts were taken from the Yeerk homeworld by The One and used to control its Kelbrid soldiers. Eventually, the number of Kelbrid far exceeded the number of Yoorts and the Kelbrid empire collapsed. The Yoorts created symbiotic hosts and became a peaceful, mercantile race. The Animorphs learn that The One was using Ax's kidnapping as a diversion while it planned an invasion of Earth. The Animorphs return to Andalite space in an attempt to stop the invasion.

The Animorphs stop at the Yeerk homeworld to warn the Andalite fleet there that the Blade ship may arrive to gather Yeerks for an invasion. There, they meet Al, Tobias's half-brother (Elfangor's other son).
Jake, Marco, and Menderash continue on to warn other Andalites while Tobias, Jeanne, and Santorelli go to Earth to find Cassie and warn the Earth leaders of a potential alien attack. When they arrive, they are ambushed by Kelbrid and The One where the Hork-bajir Valley used to be. They escape, but learn that The One intends to free Esplin 9466 from prison. The Animorphs go to prevent this but arrive too late, finding all of the prison guards dead.

As The One frees Esplin, the Drode and the Ellimist arrive and war The One that if it continues to use its power so recklessly, they will do the same - resulting in a war that will destroy the universe. The One and the others agree to fight the war for Earth in secret. Jake and the others arrive and inform Tobias and the Animorphs that the Andalite fleet over the Hork-bajir planet was destroyed by The One. The new team of Animorphs - Jake, Marco, Jeanne, Tobias, Santorelli, and Cassie - agree to fight the Yeerks.
End Spoilers

Morphs Gained

Character Morphs Acquired
Tobias None
Jake None
Marco None
Jeanne Leopard
Santorelli Rhinoceros, Cooper's Hawk
Cassie None
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