56 The Organization
Book #56: The Organization was the second book in the Neomorphs series.
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Plot Summary

The Animorphs know that that the Yeerks are back. But they don’t know where, who they have infested, or how powerful they are. One group, the International Invasion Investigation Force, a world-wide network devoted to stopping something like the Yeerk invasion from ever happening again, may have the answers. But Tri-I isn’t willing to give away secrets. And they have security that is supposed to be impossible to crack. It’s up to Marco, Jake, Tobias, Cassie, Jeanne, and Santorelli to find a way or the Yeerks will go unchecked in their conquest of planet Earth.
Main Character: Marco

Contains Spoilers
Esplin 9466 has escaped from prison with the help of The One and has taken Ax as his new host. With the Yeerks The One took from the Hork-bajir planet, he plans to launch a new attack on Earth. And the Animorphs have no idea where. In order to find out, they turn to the one organization that might have the information they need: Tri-I. Established after the First Yeerk War, Tri-I is an international organization dedicated to curtailing harmful alien influences on Earth. They investigate the activities of aliens on Earth, gather alien weapons that are being smuggled, and watch former voluntary hosts for suspicious behavior.

Jake and Marco visit the Tri-I branch in their home town (a common place for alien tourists to visit), but are not given any information. The Andalites attempt to locate the Chee to help them infiltrate Tri-I's computers, but do not succeed in finding them.That night, the Animorphs sneak in and investigate. However, they come across security systems far beyond anything even the Andalites could have developed. Erek appears and explains that some of the Chee infiltrated Tri-I as a way to watch over the human race and help protect it without doing any violence - the director of the local Tri-I branch is a Chee named Mark.

Erek further explains that branches of Tri-I only have the specific information they need to function, so the local branch has only some of the information the Animorphs need. The rest is stored in the mainframe at the Tri-I world headquarters. Since that system is not connected to any others, it cannot be remotely accessed, meaning that the Animorphs will have to go there to get the information.

Due to the building's heavy security, the only way to sneak in is by crawling into cracks in the foundation as cockroaches, and then going up through the walls. The Animorphs make it to a security center, where they have to demorph in a room with several Tri-I Operatives. Santorelli gives them a password and demorphs first - he is not immediately attacked, since he used to work there and is recognized by his former coworkers. The Animorphs demorph while the guards are distracted. After a short fight, the guards are left unconscious. Tobias and Santorelli go downstairs to access the computer mainframe while Marco and the others monitor the security systems. Tobias and Santorelli encounter Esplin and some morphed Hork-bajir.

In order to get to the fight in time to help, Jeanne blows a hole in the outer wall. Marco carries her down a makeshift rope, where she plants an explosive on the side of the building, granting the Animorphs access to the area where the fight is taking place. The Animorphs corner Esplin, who flees through the hole in the side of the building, morphing to a bird and flying away. After retrieving the information they need, the Animorphs do the same.
End Spoilers

Morphs Gained

Character Morphs Acquired
Tobias None
Jake None
Marco None
Jeanne None
Santorelli Security guard
Cassie None
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