57 The Weapon
Book #57: The Weapon was the third book in the Neomorphs series.
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56: The Organization 58: The Retirement

Plot Summary

The power to morph is a great weapon. The power to alter the past is a greater one. The Time Matrix is the most powerful weapon in all the galaxy. The Animorphs know where it is; but so does Esplin 9466. Now it’s a race to get to the Time Matrix. Santorelli, Tobias, Jake, Marco, Jeanne, and Cassie must reach it before the Yeerks. If the Animorphs get it, history will be safe. If the Yeerks get their hands on that weapon, all will be lost; not just for Earth, but for everyone who opposed the Yeerks…
Main Character: Santorelli

Contains Spoilers

Contributions to Plot

  • Introduced the presence of a new powerful being (was actually The One)
  • Resolved the Time Matrix issue.
  • Shifts in time resulted in Santorelli becoming Tobias's step-father.
  • Resulted in Santorelli's death.

End Spoilers

Morphs Gained

Character Morphs Acquired
Tobias Howler
Jake None
Marco None
Jeanne None
Santorelli Howler
Cassie None
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