59 The Revival

Book #59: The Revival was the fifth book in the Neomorphs series.

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58: The Retirement 60: The Offensive

Plot Summary

Rachel’s back! Just in time to leave again. The Animorphs must leave home to fight the Yeerks on the new front. But that’s easier said than done. They can’t just disappear and they’ll need new identities when they arrive.
All of the world’s information is stored in one supercomputer in Death Valley. They can create entire new lives from there. But it just might be the most heavily guarded building in all the world, and there’s a surprise waiting for the Animorphs. And he’s not happy…
Main Character: Rachel

Contains Spoilers

Contributions to Plot

  • Rachel comes back.
  • The Animorphs get new identity's
  • The Animorphs go to a new battle front
  • The Animorphs find out bolts is alive

End Spoilers

Morphs Gained

Character Morphs Acquired
Rachel None
Tobias None
Alloran None
Cassie None
Marco None
Jeanne None
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