61 The Judgment

Book #61: The Judgement was the 7th book in the Neomorphs series.

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60: The Offensive 62: The Prodigal

Plot Summary

The Ellimist must once again call on the Animorphs to keep the balance in the galaxy. Now, Cassie, the other Animorphs, and Alloran must race against time to keep three entire races from being wiped out.
But there is a complication. According to the rules of their war, The One must be given the same chances as Crayak. So the Animorphs and Yeerks divide into three teams. For the first time ever, Animorph and Yeerk must work hand in hand.
But Cassie doesn’t fully trust her fellow Animorphs, and David isn’t making things any easier. And someone else has arrived to make things even more complicated for Cassie…
Main Character: Cassie

Contains Spoilers

Contributions to Plot

  • Cassie Leaves the Animorphs.
  • bolts joins the Animorphs.
  • The Animorphs stop a new war between the Helmacrons, Garatrons, and Anati.
  • Cassie gets engaged.
  • Ronnie Becomes a more common character.
  • Tobias and Guraff begin to become friends.

End Spoilers

Morphs Gained

Character Morphs Acquired
Tobias None
Marco Garatron
Cassie Head of an Anati
Jeanne Garatron
Rachel None
Alloran Legs of an Anati
bolts Claw of an Anati

A conversation between the Drode and an employee of The One implied that the events in Half-Life known as the Black Mesa Incident actually occurred in the Neomorphs universe.

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