65 The Pact
Book #65: The Pact was the 11th book in the Neomorphs series.
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64: The Liberation 66: The Hunters

Plot Summary

The Animorphs are losing members rapidly. First Rachel. Then Santorelli, followed by Jake. Cassie left and Alloran was captured. And now Rachel must leave the fight once again. The Yeerks are pressing in on two fronts and the Animorphs are down to just five members. To top it off, the Visser has infested Alloran. Alloran was a technological prodigy; with his mind under their control, Yeerk security systems would be unmatched in all of the galaxy. Their weapons would be the best in the known universe. Ax, Tobias, Marco, Jeanne, and David need help. So when the Drode offers them a new teammate, they have no choice but to accept him. But how far can they trust someone chosen by the Drode; especially when it’s someone they abandoned and left for dead…
Main Character: Ax

Contains Spoilers

Contributions to Plot

End Spoilers

Morphs Gained

Character Morphs Acquired
Ax Guraff
Tobias None
Al Guraff
bolts None
Marco None
Jeanne None
James None


  • This is the only Neomorphs book in which The Visser did not appear.
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