66 The Hunters
Book #66: The Hunters was the 12th book in the Neomorphs series.
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65: The Pact 67: The Loss

Plot Summary

Mersa’s Rebellion can now defend itself against the Visser and Guraff. It’s time for the Animorphs to strike back on the original front of the war. But the Visser cannot allow Mersa’s forces to exist. He has unleashed two deadly assassins with only one goal: the destruction of the Yeerk Rebellion.
But the Animorphs cannot allow the Rebellion to be put down. It ties up the Visser’s resources and slows both invasions. Once more, David, Al, Tobias, Ax, James, Jeanne, and Marco must step in to defend Mersa. But this time, they may have their match, and the powers that be are not yet finished with them…
Main Character: bolts

Contains Spoilers

Contributions to Plot

End Spoilers

Morphs Gained

Character Morphs Acquired
bolts Unknown None
Al None
Ax None
Marco None
James None
Jeanne None
Cassie None
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