69 The Division

Book #69: The Division was the 16th Book in the Neomorphs series.

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Megamorphs 5 70: The Memories

Plot Summary

The lines have been drawn. The galaxy is at war, and Earth is no exception. The time has come for the Animorphs to split up into two different armies; they cannot hope to win any other way. Who will go where? What will happen when an old friend, the daughter of a former enemy, asks to join the team? And what does she really want?
On top of it all, the Yeerks are not sitting silently. They have somehow seized control of the local Tri-I branch and are using it to strike at the Animorphs. Jake and his team must infiltrate their complex once again and put at stop to the Yeerk manipulations. But when Tri-I is involved, things are not always what they appear. They tend to be far more dangerous…
Main Character: Jake

Contains Spoilers

Contributions to Plot

End Spoilers

Morphs Gained

Character Morphs Acquired
Jake None
Tobias None
Ax None
Al None
Marco None
Jeanne None
James None
Melissa Panther, hawk, fly, cockroach, owl, dolphin
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