72 The Price

Book #72: The Price was the 18th book in the Neomorphs series.

The Price was conceived thanks to a joint effort on the parts of capnnerefir and John3Sobieski. The first two chapters and a great deal of the plot were written by John3Sobieski, without whom the book as it is known would not exist.

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71: The Lesson 73: The Defender

Plot Summary

Half the team is gone, off to Alpha Front. Ax, Jake, Marco, Jeanne, and Melissa have remained behind to defend their home from the Yeerks. They will have a difficult time ahead of them, resisting the power of the Visser and his advisor, Salheer. But the Yeerks are not the only threat.
The Animorphs have attracted too much attention. Someone has noticed the suspicious goings on as of late: Tri-I. Now, not only do Ax and the Omegamorphs have to deal with the usual Yeerk threat, they have to handle a bold young Tri-I operative on their trail. How far will they go to protect themselves? What will be the cost of secrecy?
Main Character: Ax

Contains Spoilers

Contributions to Plot

End Spoilers

Morphs Gained

Character Morphs Acquired
Jake Human (Sioux - Controller)
Ax Human (Gomer - Controller)
Jeanne Human (Controller)
Melissa Human (Controller)
Marco Human (Controller)


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