73 The Defender

Book #73: The Defender was the 19th book in the Neomorphs series.

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72: The Price 74: The Union

Plot Summary

The war on Earth isn’t the only battle the Animorphs can’t afford to lose. Earth stands on the edge, ready to plunge into the raging war between Yeerks, Pythagi, Andalite, and Anati. But when Earth’s most powerful pro-war advocate comes to Alpha front, he’ll become a target the Yeerks just can’t resist.
But, as always, there is a complication. A high-ranking Controller has been arrested and is about to be turned over to Tri-I. When that happens, Tri-I will know everything and the superpowers that be will go to war on their own scale. In order to prevent this, Cassie, Tobias, David, James, and Al will have to stand side-by-side with the Yeerks once more…
Main Character: Cassie

Contains Spoilers

Contributions to Plot

End Spoilers

Morphs Gained

Character Morphs Acquired
Cassie Vladimir Putin
Tobias None
Al None
James None
bolts None
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