Anati history is obscure, even to the Anati themselves. It is believed that in ancient times, there was much fighting amongst the Anati. However, when they saw that this would eventually destroy them all and limit them from becoming a galactic power, they set their wars aside and became one people. This is the origin of the Anati Forgiveness Ritual and their customs, as well as their current mentality of unity.

During the First War, the Yeerks approached the Anati. Since the Anati were symbiotic beings, the Yeerks believed that the Anati could help them create hosts so that the conquest and enslavement of other races would no longer be necessary. When the Anati failed to accomplish this, the Yeerks were angered and began a war with the Anati. The Andalites came to the aid of the Anati and together, they defeated the Yeerks. It was their crushing defeat at the hands of the Anati and Andalites, as well as their loss on Earth, that broke the Yeerk war machine and forced the Yeerk Empire to submit to the Andalites and end their war.

During the current war with Yeerks and Pythagi, the Anati choose to ally not with the Andalites or Yeerks but, rather, with the Humans. Since the humans allied with the Andalites, this brought the Anati into the fold as well. The Anati are one of the most powerful races in the galaxy and their aid is one of the greatest assets to the Anti-Yeerk war effort.


The Anati are an unusual race. They are made up of three symbiotic parts: legs, claw, and head. An Anati possesses four crab-like legs, which form the bulk of its body. Atop the legs sits the claw, which is powerful enough to crush the bones of a Hork-bajir and possesses four talon-like graspers. Finally, there is the head, which dangles under the legs and is attached by a single, three-toed foot. Their heads possess a single, Taxxon-like mouth. It is many eyed, possessing five stationary in a ring on one side of the face, as well as four long stalk eyes. Anati are pink in coloration, as is most of what they build.


The Anati possess a unique mentality. They do not think of themselves as individuals. Rather, they believe that the entire Anati population is one whole entity and that each individual member is just a part, just as each individual member is made up of three parts. As such, what effects one Anati effects all of them; and any harm done to any single member of their race is considered a wrong against the race itself. For example, when the Helmacrons insulted one Anati, the entire Anati nation moved to make war on the Helmacrons; this war was averted by the Animorphs in book 61: The Judgment.

However, though wrathful, the Anati are also a very forgiving race, since they have no desire to harm others. When one Anati wrongs another, it is possible for the offender to perform a ceremony to gain forgiveness from the one it offended. This ceremony may also be completed by non-Anati. All that the Anati ask of any individual or race who wrongs them is that they undergo this ceremony, after which point all past wrongs are forgotten entirely.


The Anati are a space-faring people, and a powerful one at that. They possess numerous ships, all of which resemble the Anati themselves and vary only in the degree of size. Other Anati technology is uncertain.

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