Andalite Military

The Andalite Military is, logically, the military of the Andalite people. It is structured in two parts, the infantry and teh fleet, each of which is controlled by the Electorate.

Joint Rankings

The Electorate is responsible for appointing leaders, issuing ships, deploying troops, and other such administrative duties. Many members of the Electorate were themselves former military officials, meaning that much of the Electorate is more skilled in the arts of war than the average political organization. Both the infantry and the fleet are commanded by the Electorate.

There are three ranks that are shared by both the fleet and the infantry:

These ranks are bestowed like infantry ranks (see below).

The Infantry

Infantry ranks are based upon merit and appointed by the Electorate. An officer maintains his infantry rank regardless of the units under his control. The infantry ranks are:

The Fleet

Unlike infantry ranks, ranks in the Andalite fleet change depending upon how many ships are under an officer's control. Thus, they are not static and, furthermore, are very little indication of an officer's ability. The fleet ranks are:

Multiple Ranks

Andalite soldiers are trained to fight effectively in both the infantry and fleet. Thus, most officers hold both infantry and fleet ranks. For example, Tobias is both a War-Prince and a Commander. When an officer holds multiple ranks, his fleet rank is presented first, followed by the addition of the title 'Prince', indicating that he also holds an infantry rank. For example, Tobias's rank would be denoted as Commander-Prince.

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