The Apostates are the elite warriors of the New Yeerk Order. They first appeared in book 71: The Lesson.

History and Training

During the First War, the Visser possessed a special, elite group of Hork-bajir known as the Blue Band Hork-bajir led by Guraff 4271. In the Neomorphs timeline, this unit was evolved into the Apostates. The Yeerks scoured the galaxy for a suitable host body and eventually settled upon the Ssri'Kai, abducting some of the strongest members of the race. The Visser personally chose the Yeerks he believed appropriate to fulfill the role of the Apostates. After that, they are sent for training.

The initial stage of their training is under Kalroth 337, who essentially brainwashes them until they believe that the Visser is some sort of deity. This instills a fanatical loyal into them so that they would rather die than fail the Visser. It ensures that no Apostate will ever betray the Visser and, more importantly, that they are loyal to him even more than they are loyal to the N.Y.O.

Next, the Apostates are trained under Salheer 671 in strategy and tactics, making them extremely competent generals and tacticians as well as warriors. All are extremely intelligent as well as completely ruthless. None are graduated from this training until Salheer decides that they are competent enough to stand against the greatest of their enemies' leaders.

During the training with Salheer, the Apostates are given to their hosts and then sent to train in combat under Guraff 427. this process forges them into extremely deadly warriors capable of standing up any opponent. They also learn to be skilled pilots and weaponmasters. By the end of the training, they are truly the Apostates: fanatical death commandos capable of eliminating entire squads of Andalites or Kelbrid with a combination of strategy, weapons, and overwhelming brute force.

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