Aristh Alloran Sirinial Fangor
Name Alloran-Sirinial-Fangor
Rank Aristh
Nationality Andalite
Gender Male
Race Andalite
Age 13
Height 5'3"
Weight 420 lbs.

Aristh Alloran-Sirinial-Fangor is an Andalite and the son of Prince Elfangor and Doctor Enril-Natarran-Ithnils. This makes Tobias his half-brother and Jeanne his half-sister-in law. Alloran is a technological genius and a child prodigy. Alloran is technically the youngest main character in the series, being approximately 13 human years old.

Canon History

Contains Spoilers
Alloran was not a character in the canon series.

Neomorphs History

Alloran (Also simply called Al) first appeared briefly in Book 55: The Prologue. He appeared next in Book 58: The Retirement, when he was recruited to join the Animorphs. He was captured at the end of Book 64: The Liberation but was freed in the following book, Book 65: The Pact.

Alloran's parents were Prince Elfangor and Doctor Enril. capnnerefir has told the story of his birth through Elfangor's memories in book 70: The Memories
Because Elfangor feared that Al would become a target for Yeerk assassins if his existence and parentage were known, Elfangor had him raised in secrecy, in a location known only to Elfangor, Al, and Captain Nerefir. Not even Al's mother knew where he was. The young Andalite was cared for and educated by highly advanced machines until the end of the First War. This close contact with them, as well as his own vast intelligence, allowed him to become a genius with technology of all kinds.

After the First War, Alloran was released form hiding. Although he surpassed nearly all other Andalites in terms of technological know-how, he was determined to join the army as his father and brother had. He served under his uncle, Prince Aximili for a time. However, after Aximili was captured by the Yeerks, Alloran was transferred to the command of Princess Estrid. They two of them were captured in The Retirement and freed in the same book.

Al is now officially under Tobias's command and serves directly under him in the war on Earth.

Personal Life

Alloran is rather close to his half-brother, Tobias, and to Rachel, who he sees as something of a sister. He considers bolts his Shorm.


Readers have responded positively to Alloran, mostly do the fact that, while being another young Aristh, he had enough notable differences from Aximili and Elfangor that he was his own, unique person.


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Alloran is named after War-Prince Alloran-Semitur-Corass, to remind his father that Esplin 9466 was his enemy and not his host. Captain Nerefir named the Dome ship Alloran for the same reason.

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