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Azmaveth was first introduced in the series by the name of The One. He is usually referred to by this title to avoid spoiling the series for readers. Azmaveth is a being of inconceivable power. He controls the power of life itself and is the guardian and overlord of the dead. Although Azmaveth could conceivably return all the dead to life, or vice versa, he has a strict rule about resurrection: few ever get a second chance. No one ever gets a third."

Azmaveth has existed as an entity long before any other beings in the series, predating even Crayak. Azmaveth waited beyond the knowledge of the people of the universe, watching for people of interest. When Crayak came to power, Azmaveth tested him by unleashing his Kelbrid warriors upon Crayak's empire. A long, bloody struggle ensued and in the end, Crayak failed the test and was driven out of his own galaxy.

After many millennia, Azmaveth came to our galaxy to hunt Crayak down. Crayak was unaware of the true nature of his enemy until book 67: The Loss.

When he came to our galaxy to finish off Crayak, Azmaveth was alerted to the human race and decided that they also needed to be tested. He is using the current war as a means of testing humanity's resolve. If the Animorphs pass the test, mankind will stand on the edge of something it has never experienced before: the entire galaxy. But if the Animorphs fail, then Azmaveth has sworn to wipe humanity from existance.



  • Azmaveth is a Hebrew name meaning "Strong as Death."
  • Azmaveth is also the name of one of the two main characters of capnnerefir's original novel.
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