Cao Cao


Cao Mengde, better known as Cao Cao, was a warlord during China's Three Kingdoms era. Cao Cao worked his way up from a lowly officer to become the most powerful man in China. In addition to being the most skilled politician of his time, Cao Cao was also a nearly unrivaled general, strategist, and tactician. Furthermore, he was an accoplished scholar, writer, poet,, artist, scientist, and philosopher. Cao Cao was singlehandedly responsible for the preservation of Sun Tzu's Art of War and is largely responsible for the preservation of the Daoist religion, which was nearly exterminated after the Yellow Scarves uprising. Cao Cao appeared as himself in the Neomorphs series and is referenced repeatedly. One of his many poems is quoted in book 70: The Memories. For more information on Zhang Wenyuan, see this wikipedia article.



Cao Cao is capnnerefir's personal hero and role model.

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