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Pen Name capnnerefir
Real Name Benjamin
Nationality American
Gender Male (Gina check'd)
Age 19
Height 5'8"
Weight 140 lbs.
Religious Affiliation Episcopalian

capnnerefir is the author of the Neomorphs series. His name must never be capitalized, and he does not like penis. But he does have time for rape (with Gina).

capnenrefir was born on April 8, 1990. He was adept in the literary arts from a young age, and had mastered Tolkien by the age of 10. His favorite books throughout his childhood were the Animorphs books; a love affair which continues to this day. He has been a fan of the series since, quite literally, the very beginning. capnnerefir is one of the 'proud few' who can claim to have started with book 1 back in 1996 and has continued with it for the last 12 years. He has stated on several occasions that, "…[M]y deepest regret is that I was never able to collect the whole [Animorphs] series. the books got harder and harder to find as I got older, and eventually, they were basically impossible to come across. The fact that I still don't own all of them, in physical form, still drives me nuts." capnnerefir currently possesses the complete Animorphs series in eBook format.

capnnerefir grew up in a town of no note, in the United States of America, where he currently resides. He graduated from his high school in the top five percent (5%) of his class and was accepted to a currently undisclosed college. Said college meets all the standards of an Ivy League university except for adequate funding from its alumni base. capnnerefir is majoring, of course, in English; specifically in creative writing.
At the age of sixteen (16), capnnerefir began work on his own original novel, for which he is currently seeking a publisher. He is also currently writing a squeal to the first novel.

capnnerefir began writing fanfiction during the summer of 2008. He was out of high school and was, quite simply, bored. He had recent renewed his love of the Animorphs series and began writing continuations of the series. These eventually came to be known as Neomorphs amongst their readers.

The Neomorphs series is currently still in production and consists of 20 regular series books and one megamorphs book.

One of the Neomorphs books, book 72: The Price was not written by capnnerefir. Instead, it was written by John3Sobieski

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