Carl Yastrzemski


Carl Yastrzemski was a Tri-I Operative assigned to investigate the assumed terrorist attack that occurred on a Tri-I building in book 69: The Division. Specifically, he was one of Tri-I's EPIC (Elite Protection and Infiltration Commando) Operatives, meaning that he was one of Tri-I's most skilled men. His investigation led him to discover the Yeerk invasion of Omega Front. Carl was killed by Ax, who hit him with a van to prevent him from telling all he knew to his superiors in an effort to avert a war between Crayak and The One. This action ultimately proved unnecessary and, in fact, detrimental to the overall war effort.



  • Carl was created by John3Sobieski, who wrote The Price. He was based off of a character John3Sobieski played on an Animorphs RP site.
  • Carl is named after a baseball player of the same name.
  • Carl knew both Santorelli and Jacques
  • Carl is relegious
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