The Chee are a race of highly sophisticated androids created by the Pemalites, a race of dog-like alien pacifists who have no concept of violence. The Pemalites race nearly went extinct when they were attacked by the Howlers. The surviving Pemalites and Chee fled to Earth, where the Pemalites died from a virus that the Howlers had unleashed. The Chee then implanted the Pemalite 'essence' into wolves, creating the first domesticated dogs. They chose wolves because of the resemblance that wolves bore to Pemalites.

The gravity of the Pemalite homeworld was roughly four times that of Earth's, making the Chee incredibly strong. HOwever, Chee are programmed to be incapable of causing physical harm to any living thing; at least, though direct action. The only known instance of a Chee acting violent is when Erek used an incredibly powerful, advanced Pemalite computer known as the Pemalite Crystal to remove the pacifistic subroutines to save the Animorphs from certain death in book 10 of the canon series. He slaughtered a large number of Hork-Bajir- and Human-Controllers in under a minute.

The Chee live among humans, hiding behind sophistocated holograms. Some of them served as spies for the Animorphs during the First War. After the First War, the Chee went into hiding. Some of them joined Tri-I as a way to keep protecting Earth without directly interfering with its history. Others inserted themselves into the ranks of the New Yeerk Order to once again spy on the Yeerks.

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