David Montresor
Name David Montresor
Nickname Bolts
Nationality American
Gender Male
Race Rat (formerly Human (Caucasian))
Age 14
Height 5'4"
Weight 120 lbs.

David, also known as Bolts is considered to be one of the youngest of the Animorphs. He is a rat nothilit. David is known for his keen tactical mind as well as his caution. He is much like Marco in this regard, though considerably darker in nature.

Canon History

Contains Spoilers
David did not have a normal childhood. Due to the fact that his father was a government spy, David and his family moved around a lot. He first appeared in book 20: The Discovery when he found the Escafil Device in the abandoned construction site. When he attempted to sell the device, he and his family were attacked by the Yeerks. Although the Animorphs rescued David and the device, his family was left behind.

Seeing no alternative, the Animorphs gave David the power to morph and made him one of them. This proved to be a mistake, as David turned against them in book 21: The Threat. In book 22: The Solution, David was trapped in the form of a small, white rat and abandoned on a deserted island.

He returned briefly in book 48: The Return, as a pawn of Crayak. It was ambiguous whether David was alive or dead at the end of the book and series.

Neomorphs History

David first reappeared in the Neomorphs series in book 59: The Revival, the title of which was a joke to capnnerefir as it referred to both Rachel (the main character and narrator of that book) and David. This time, he was in the service of The One, working with and for the Yeerks. The One restored his morphing powers, making him once again one of the Animorphs' deadliest enemies.

In book 61: The Judgment, Cassie, along with some aid from the Ellimist and the Anati, convinced David to return to the Animorphs' side. After this, however, few of them trusted them save for Al, who he considered to be his best friend. Although David managed to earn the trust of them in subsequent books, most notably book 62: The Prodigal, distrust of him still persisted until approximately book 67: The Loss.

David has a very strategic mind, and Tobias has compared him to Guo Jia, the famed advisor of Cao Cao. He is also highly cautions, most likely from his time living fully as a rat. He also has an unusual mentality. Although he has been alive for about 20 years, he has the mind of a 14 year-old-boy. He essentially stopped developing mentally when he became a nothlit. Furthermore, his human morph is his 14 year old body. For these reasons, David is considered to be younger than the other Animorphs, with the possible exception of Al.

Personal Life

David is not especially close to the other Animorphs with a few exceptions. He is very close to Al and seems to share something of a friendship with James. Although Rachel's sister, Sara, appears to have a crush on David, it is unclear whether or not David returns the feeling.

In Megamorphs 6, the Animorphs discovered that David's father, John Montresor, is still alive and is, in fact, the Global Operations Director of Tri-I.

Notable Changes

The David in Neomorphs is very different from the one in the canon series. David has transformed from a selfish child to a man desperately attempting to redeem himself for his past wrongs. However, he has not lost the caution, decisiveness, and ruthlessness that once made him a dangerous enemy.


  • Golden Eagle
  • Lion
  • Cockroach
  • Seagull
  • Flea
  • Human Male
  • Human (14-year-old Marco)
  • Orca
  • Human (saddler)
  • Rattlesnake
  • Human (Death Valley facility director)
  • Anati (Claw)


  • Given the amount of time he has been in his rat body, David should most likely be dead. capnnerefir attributes his longevity to the morphig process, which keeps him far healthier than the average rat.
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