The Drode is Crayak's servant and appears in the series as the intermediary between the Animorphs and Crayak. The Drode is a very unusual character and has been described by capnnerefir as "part cocaine-addict, part schizophrenic." capnnerefir then went on to add, "Oh, wait, that's me," but that part of the quote is irrelevant.

The Drode's real name was Imaeus, and he once belonged to a race called the Ai. The Ai planet was made up of debris that had surrounded the Crayak. His planet (and race) was destroyed when the Drode removed the Crayak from the center of his planet.

The Drode clearly has incredible powers and is able to bend space and time on a whim; and frequently does so if for no reason other than his amusement. He has expressed a great fondness for Rachel, Tobias, and Vladimir Putin.



  • The Drode is slated to star in his own book, The Drode Chronicles, a work that has been in progress for quite some time.
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