The Electorate is the governing body of the Andalites.

Members of the Electorate are elected by popular vote by the Andalite people. There are 25 members of the Electorate. A member of the Electorate bears the title of Counselor. This is not to be confused with members of the Yeerk Counsel of Thirteen. 24 of them specialize in one particular area of Andalite life, with the 25th Counselor serving as the head of the Electorate. The title applied to this counselor is Great Leader.

While the Electorate as a whole is responsible for governing the Andalite people, there are several subdivisions that are responsible for various aspects of life. These are comprised of the Great Leader and six other Counselors, with the exception of the Intelligence Counsel.

  • The War Counsel - The War Counsel devotes itself almost entirely to matters of the military. In times of peace, the counsel is often reduced to two members and the Great Leader.
  • The Diplomatic Counsel - This counsel is responsible for matters of diplomacy and relations with other races.
  • The Scientific Counsel - Deals with matters of technology, including distributing it amongst the populace.
  • The Domestic Counsel - This counsel deals with affairs on the homeworld, including enforcing the law, maintaining what passes for the Andalite economy, and other such internal issues.
  • The Intelligence Counsel - Something of a spy network, the Intelligence Counsel gathers information for the rest of the Electorate. Members of the Intelligence Counsel also serve on other counsels, and their identities are kept a secret. Only the Great Leader knows which members of the Electorate are also part of the Intelligence Counsel.
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