Esplin 9466
Physical statistics given are for Esplin 9466's host
Name Esplin 9466
Title The Abomination
Rank Visser
Nationality Yeerk
Gender Male
Race Yeerk; host is Andalite
Age 40 (host is about 21, human count)
Height 5'11"
Weight 750 lbs.

Esplin 9466, better known as the Visser, is the principal antagonist in the Neomorphs series. He is the same Yeerk overlord who attempted to conquer Earth in the canon series. The Visser is a sadist and delights in causing his enemies pain. He is also noted for having a short fuse and an unpredictable temper, routinely killing his subordinate officers. He is perhaps the most feared being in the galaxy. It is stated that his only friend is the famous warrior Guraff 427.

Canon History

Contains Spoilers
Born aboard a mobile Yeerk pool on a transport ship, Esplin knew that he had to find a way to distinguish himself early in order to get ahead in the Yeerk ranks. He devoted his early life to the study of Andalites and soon became an expert on them. His knowledge of the Andalites and their battle tactics proved invaluable and he was soon given a host body. Esplin became one of the first Hork-bajir-Controllers and was instrumental in the invasion of Hork-bajir (Planet). He was one of those who survived the Quantum Virus that the Andalites unleashed upon the planet.

For his service on the Hork-bajir world, Esplin became Sub-Visser Seven and was placed in charge of maintaining security over the Taxxon (Planet world. It was on this world that he first encountered his nemesis, Prince Elfangor. This was also where he committed his most famous deed: the infestation of War-Prince Alloran-Semitur-Corass. This made Esplin the galaxy's first and only Andalite-Controller. This and his subsequent deeds led Esplin to be rapidly promoted, eventually reaching the rank of Visser Three.

Visser Three's last task was the conquest of Earth. Although he destroyed the Andalite force under Captain Nerefir that came to rescue Earth from the Yeerks, Esplin ultimately failed, due largely to the efforts of the Animorphs, but also to many internal pressures, including the rebellious Yeerk Peace Movement, sabotage by the current Visser One, and an open rebellion by distressed subordinates.

After the Yeerks lost the war for Earth, Esplin was trialed an imprisoned.

Neomorphs History

According to Neomorphs canon, it was during his time on Hork-bajir that the Visser met and befriended Guraff 427, who continued to serve under him for years afterwards. Much of Esplin's rise to power is attributed to Guraff's abilities; and much of his failure is due to his refusal to heed his friend's advice.

Esplin was freed from prison by The One in book 55: The Prologue after agreeing to serve The One in his conquest of Earth. He was given Prince Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill as a host; ironic, as Prince Aximili was one of those who helped to defeat him in the First War and was also the brother of his nemesis, Prince Elfangor. Esplin quickly resumed command of the Yeerk forces and launched a new invasion of Earth. Esplin had taken a great deal of time to contemplate things in prison and had changed a bit. He vowed not to repeat his mistakes this time.

Nevertheless, The Visser still faced disloyalty. This climaxed in the form of Mersa 528, who, when tasked to open a second front for invasion in the war, rebelled against the Visser with the very forces Esplin had given him. Although this rebellion was eventually crushed, it inflicted some severe damage upon the Visser, and even resulted in him losing his host, Prince Aximili. However, Esplin soon found himself in the body of a new Andalite, Prince Imrahil.

In A New Foe, The Visser struck a deal with the Pythagi and began a new war in the galaxy. This war liberated the Yeerk Homeworld. For this deed, Esplin was offered the position of Emperor. However, on the advice of his advisors (most notably Salheer 671, Esplin refused and instead instituted a new power structure and renamed the Yeerk Empire into the New Yeerk Order, retaining the title of Visser. However, this maneuver assured him complete control over the Yeerk military, granting him all the resources he needed.

Personal Life

Esplin once had a twin brother, but he is presumed dead. capnnerefir has made no comment on that subject; mostly because no one ever asked him. The Visser's only friend seems to be Guraff 427.

Notable Changes

The Neomorphs incarnation of the Visser is somewhat calmer and more intelligent. However, he still possesses, as capnnerefir says, "That same ole Visser Three craziness."


(All of Esplin's listed morphs are from his current host, Prince Imrahil)


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