Gina, also known as scaredy-puppy is an extraordinarily talented artist and is also capnnerefir's stalker/girlfriend. She was mentioned briefly in a note in the then-half-finished Book 70: The Memories as it was posted on The Animorphs Fan Forum. She was also mentioned in the Author's Note at the begining of book 74: The Union, issuing an apology to the Neomorphs community for keeping capnnerefir from his writing. capnnerefir loves her with all of his heart, and she knows.

The two met when a friend introduced them over the Internet. In spite of the fact that Gina was always shy, there was an instantaneous connection between them and he felt like they had known each other forever. She was, and still is, all he was able to think about. Everything he did was just marking time until he could speak to her again. After an eventful visit to meet her in person in October of 2009, capnnerefir decided that he could not stand being physically separated from her for any amount of time. So, in late December of 2009, he left college and moved closer to her.

There were numerous setbacks. A clerical error with the college he intended to transfer to resulted in him being refused acceptance, and therefor housing. He lived in a room in a nearby city for approximately a month but was forced out because he could not pay his rent. He spent some time regrouping back in his original state of residence before he and Gina moved in together, in a rather nice room in the previous city. They were forced to move again, several times, and endured quite a few unpleasant circumstances.

Throughout it all, capnnerefir was never, ever happier. For all the hardship, he would not change one moment of it. Nothing is worth sacrificing time with his Gina. The couple moved in together in October 2010, and later moved into an even better apartment, one that can be truly considered their home.

On May 15th, 2011, capnnerefir treated Gina to a lovely dinner, a day on the town, and a relaxing evening, all topped off with capnnerefir proposing to her by a river reflecting the moon's light in a beautiful gazebo. She said yes.

In addition to being the best girlfriend, fiance', best friend, creative consultant, and editor in history (sorry to the rest of you, but you're screwed), Gina is also an amazing artist. Samples of her art can be found on her deviantart page: scaredy-puppy. She is available for commissions.

Gina is undoubtedly the best thing to ever happen to capnnerefir, or to anyone else.

I love you, my Pet.

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