Guraff 427
All physical statistics given are for Guraff's host, Seer
Name Guraff 427
Title God General
Rank Undervisser
Nationality Yeerk
Gender Male
Race Yeerk; host is Hork-bajir
Age 35 (due to time in stasis) (host is approximately 30, human count)
Height 8'10"
Weight 450 lbs.

Undervisser Guraff 427 is also known as the God General. He is The Visser's second-in-command in the invasion of Earth as well as his close personal friend. He is widely regarded as the greatest warrior in the galaxy. While his personal beliefs often put him at odds with other Yeerks, Guraff is completely loyal to the Yeerk Empire. His host is a massive Hork-bajir Seer.

Canon History

Contains Spoilers
Guraff was not a character in the canon series.

Neomorphs History

Guraff first appeared in Book 60: The Offensive in command of a large mirror-station that reflected Kandrona rays. During that episode, he and Tobias held each other as hostages. During a long conversation between the two of them, Guraff revealed a deep admiration for Tobias's father, Prince Elfangor as well as for Tobias himself, even giving him the nickname Young Beast. Guraff later replaced that with the name Devil Prince

Guraff fired the first shot in the war between the Yeerks and the Andalites. He has been a soldier ever since, in one host or another. He gained great renown in the war against the Hork-bajir and was one of those to survive the Quantum Virus the Andalites unleashed upon the planet. It was during this campaign that he became friends with Esplin 9466.

The God General fought in countless other battles throughout the war and was famous for his abilities as well as effective tactics. He refused several major promotions throughout his career, believing that he could best serve his Empire as a soldier. He was engaged in a rather friendly professional rivalry with Prince Elfangor, and even gave the Andalite his later-famous title, Beast Elfangor. He now enjoys a similar rivalry with Elfangor's son, Tobias.

At the end of the First War, Guraff was aboard the Blade ship. Because they feared the consequences of attempting to kill him, the Yeerks aboard the ship had him put into stasis. When the Blade ship and its crew were returned to The Visser's command, Guraff was revived and sent to fight once again.

Personal Life

Guraff has little in the way of a personal life. He has few friends, as he looks down upon many of his own race. His closest friends The Visser and Tobias. Guraff, despite turning down numerous promotions over his career, has risen to the rank of Undervisser. Guraff leads a life of celibacy.


Guraff is loved by the majority of readers.

"Guraff is the BEST CHARACTER EVER! At first, I was like all "who is this weird dude?" and now I'm like all, "this weird dude is freakin' spectacular!"~ Atlastme

"I greatly enjoy the character of Guraff. He's a nice diversion from the original concept of Yeerks as archetypal villains. " ~ Cyberhamon

"There are things that are called “force multipliers” in military lingo. Such thing would be body armor. Your soldiers can throw out more lead if they’re not dead. Another example would be Gatling guns, firing three thousand round a minute really multiplies your force. Guraff is by all means a better example than either of those." ~ John3Sobieski

"Guraff is the coolest Yeerk around. Most Yeerks are horrible ugly things like The Visser, but Guraff is totally different.HE'S JUST AWESOME! ~Elfangor"


  • Cockroach
  • Human
  • Fly


  • Guraff is based off of ancient Chinese warriors, including Zhang Liao.
  • Guraff's host has never been named in the canon series, although capnnerefir has referred to the host as Seer on several occasions.
  • Guraff bears a striking similarity to Grath, a character seen only once in the canon series as the leader of the Blue Band Hork-bajir. capnnerefir has justified this by saying that Grath and Guraff are the same person. The narrator of the book, Marco, just misheard the name.
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