The Hork-bajir were created by a race called the Arn. After an asteroid struck the Arn planet, altering the atmosphere and geography, the Arn began redesigning their planet to make it habitable for them. One of their solutions was to create extremely large trees, as well as a race of creatures to tend to these trees. That race was the Hork-bajir. They were given only rudimentary intelligence, though every so often, an extraordinarily intelligent Hork-bajir, called a Seer, is born. Seers have been seen more and more frequently amongst the Hork-bajir population. In fact, three of the last four Hork-bajir generations have see a Seer (Dak Hamee, Seer, and Toby Hamee).

The Hork-bajir were one of the first races enslaved by the Yeerks, becoming the soldiers of the Yeerk Empire. During the First War, a notable number of Hork-bajir were freed. After the war, almost all of them were liberated, though there were exceptions. Yeerk loyalists on Hork-bajir still had a large number of Hork-bajir hosts, as did Yeerks quarantined on the Yeerk Homeworld.


Hork-bajir stand about seven feet tall. They have sharp blades on their heads, wrists, elbows, knees, and ankles. They also possess a sharp beak, a spiked tail, and sharp talons. They have snake-like necks and green, leathery flesh. Their bones are very dense and their bodies are highly muscled. Hork-bajir are capable of running very fast and jumping extraordinarily high. They are also highly adept at climbing things. Hork-bajir eat tree bark, which is the reason for their blades.

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