The Howlers were created by Crayak to serve as soldiers in his war against The One. For eons, Crayak sent the Howlers on training missions against many and diverse other races. Though the Howler collective memory, successful battle tactics were passed down through generations of Howlers. Unsuccessful tactics were removed from the collective memory. The main goal was to use the Howlers as The One used his Kelbrid. Crayak planned to use the Yeerks to control the Howlers.

After book 26: The Attack, the Howlers were greatly weakened. THe Animorphs had succeeded in planting memories of defeat and loss in their minds, and Crayak could not allow memories of failure to exist. Because of this, he destroyed the infected Howlers, though a memory of love managed to infect the rest of the race, altering them unacceptably. After that, Crayak kept the Howlers at the factor where he produced them, trying to remove the taint.

After the Yeerks were shattered, Crayak abandoned his plans for them as well.


Howlers are the size of a tall man, and quite possibly the deadliest creatures in the galaxy. Their eyes can see traces of heat where creatures have passed recently, and they have a sort of X-ray vision, which allows them to locate the vital organs of prey through the heat they give off. They have razor sharp claws on each hand, which is retractable. Their waists are curiously jointed, allowing them to spin 365 degrees. They are far stronger than most creatures, and faster as well. Furthermore, they are able to regenerate from all but the most serious of wounds. However, it is known that Kelbrid poison overcomes a Howler's regenerative capabilities.

Other Data

Only three people are known to have Howler morphs:

Of these three, only Tobias uses his regularly. Jake refuses on the grounds that Howlers are sentient beings and Santorelli was deceased for most of the series.

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