Isolationist Party

The Isolationist Party is an Earth political movement. The goal of the party is simple: the complete removal of all non-human influences on Earth. Though it is a legitimate political movement, many question the tactics of the Isolationist Party. The party contains a number of violent revolutionaries who are responsible for riots and terrorist acts against aliens in the name of the Isolationist Party. Because of this, the Isolationist Party is under heavy scrutiny and investigation by Tri-I.

The two organizations are more evenly matched than it would first appear. Many of the radical party members were once high-ranking Controllers (which most likely caused their xenophobia). Because of this, many are skilled in warfare, educated about alien technology, and a good number are believed to be morph-capable. Though the resources of radical Isolationists are inferior to those of Tri-I, radicals are difficult to locate and prosecute and, due to their unpredictable nature, are often difficult to stop before hand.

Though the Isolationist Party counts numerous sympathizers across the globe, the party is most concentrated in the United States of America and other countries frequented by aliens. The Isolationist Party is especially radical in Omega Front, which is perhaps the most heavily alien-trafficked area on Earth due to its historical significance.

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