Name James
Nationality American
Gender Male
Race Human (Caucasian)
Age 21
Height 6'2"
Weight 175 lbs.

James is one of the Animorphs. He views himself as simply another soldier following his orders. Although he is capable of handling a command position, he does not trust himself to do so. He is reliable and trusted, though he is not especially close to any of the other Animorphs. He is tall and strongly built, with blonde hair.

Canon History

Contains Spoilers
James used to be a happy, healthy boy. But when he was young, a car accident left him paralyzed. His mother took him to the hospital and left him there. He established himself as a leader of the other disabled children and saw to their needs; often more than the hospital staff. James first appeared in 50: The Ultimate, when he was recruited by Cassie, Jake, and Marco to lead a new group of Animorphs to aid them in the war.

James lead these auxiliary Animorphs on several missions and sat in on most of the important meetings between the original Animorphs. In the final battle of the war, Jake ordered James to lead his people on a suicide attack against the Pool ship as a feint to distract Visser Three/One. It was presumed that all of the auxiliary Animorphs died during this attack, James included.

Neomorphs History

According to the Neomorphs storyline, James did not die in the attack on the Pool ship. Rather, to his unending shame, he fled, leaving his team behind to die. Since morphing restored his body and made him healthy again, James decided to use his second chance at life to his advantage. He went to the Andalite homeworld, where he lived with an Xenobiologist who was interested in the study of humans and a physician. James was also something of an advocate for disabled Andalites. In is spare time, he did yardwork for Loren, who also had relocated to the Andalite homeworld.

He returned to the series at the begging of book 65: The Pact when the Drode transported him from the Andalite homeworld to Earth in order to serve as the newest Animorph. Initially, the Animorphs were not sure they could trust James, but this feeling disappeared over time, as he showed no signs of turning against them.

James considers himself a simple soldier. He fights the war because it is his duty to do so. Also because he enjoys it. After many years confined to a wheelchair in a boring hospital, the action and excitement of the war appeal to him. Also with the Animorphs is a sense of family that he lost when he was young.

Personal Life

James is not especially close with anyone in particular. He is secretly dating Rachel's sister, Jordan, though it is not very serious at this time. He is also somewhat close to bolts, and each sees the other as having an odd, mirror-like relationship to himself. They get along well and often work together, as they share the exact same battle morph.

Notable Changes

There was very little shown about Jame's personality in the canon series, so it is difficult to see any major changes.



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