Jeanne Gerard
Name Jeanne Gerard
Nationality French
Gender Female
Race Human (Caucasian)
Age 20
Height 5'8"
Weight 140 lbs.

Jeanne Gerard, known almost exclusively as Jeanne, is one of the Animorphs. She is Rachel's step-sister, Tobias's sister-in-law, Alloran's half-sister-in law, Jake's step-cousin, and Marco's girlfriend. She is French. She is about average height, with black hair and green eyes.

Canon History

Contains Spoilers
Jeanne appeared briefly near the end of Book 54: The Beginning. She was one of the students who attended Jake's morphing academy. She, along with Santorelli was chosen to go with Jake and the others to rescue Prince Aximili from the Yeerks.

Neomorphs History

Before the war, as it is revealed in Book 57: The Weapon, Jeanne was the daughter of a wealthy French businessman, Jacques. While on a trip to America, Jacques visited a meeting of The Sharing. The Yeerks seized the opportunity and infested him. Using Jacques' power and wealth, they began a largely successful invasion of France, even going so far as to capture the French leader.

During the Yeerk invasion of France, Jacques's daughter, Jeanne, was taken by the Yeerks. However, she was not infested. Instead, Visser One kept Jeanne free and trained her as an assassin. It was Visser One's plan to train Jeanne's body and then use the girl to carry out assassinations, as no one would associate the girl with the Yeerk. However, after Jeanne was discovered during a failed attempt to assassinate Prince Elfangor, Visser One canceled the project. She had Jeanne's mind completely wiped and returned the girl to Earth. Visser One did not have Jeanne infested because there was the high likelihood that the proper stimulus would begin to restore her memory, which would give her Yeerk power over Visser One. The Yeerk did not kill Jeanne because of the outcry her host, Eva would give against it.

After she was returned to Earth, Jeanne was shipped around through several foster homes, since she could not remember her own family, or any part of her past. Her favorite of these homes was with a family named Gerard, from which she derived her surname.

After the First War was made pubic, Jeanne began to slowly regain her memory. Her skills as an assassin earned her a place in Jake's morphing school, and her lack of close family earned her a spot on the team that went to rescue Prince Aximili.

By Book 59: The Revival, Jeanne's memory has almost, if not completely, returned. She learns that her father, Jacques, has married Naomi, Rachel's mother. She and her father quickly become close, though she must leave him to fight the war. She returns home in Book 63: The Homecoming, where she reconnects with her family and enters into a relationship with Marco.

Personal Life

Jeanne is rather close to her father and step-sister, Rachel. She is rather distant from the rest of her family, though this may simply be from lack of contact. She was also fairly close to Santorelli before his death.


Fan reaction to Jeanne has been minimal. Most have expressed approval for her.


  • Fly
  • Cockroach
  • Red-tailed hawk
  • Leopard
  • Seagull
  • Owl
  • Garatron
  • Yeerk


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