Jordan is Rachel's younger sister, and Sara's older sister. Her parents are Naomi and Dan Berenson. Jacques is her stepfather and Jeanne her stepsister. She was briefly infested by Guraff 427.



  • capnnerefir originally intended to make Jordan and bolts an item. However, after deciding that David's mental (and physical) age would be around 14, he scrapped this idea.
  • capnnerefir also intended, at one point, for Jordan to become an Animorph. He instead put her future lover James in her place.
  • A similar instance to the above happened in 69: The Division after capnnerefir realized that at least one more Animorph was needed. While he originally intended to use Jordan, he then decided to use Melissa instead.
  • capnnerefir has given up making plans for Jordan's future.
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