The Kelbrid are an ancient race that were created by a being called The One. The One was at war with the Crayak, and the Kelbrid were the result of The One needing supersoldiers to win its war. The Kelbrid obeyed The One's direct orders and succeeded in their war, managing to drive Crayak out of the galaxy. However, the Kelbrid saw The One's inability to destroy Crayak completely as a sign of weakness and turned against it. Without The One's leadership, the Kelbrid almost immediately turned to infighting and their empire collapsed.

Eons later, The One followed Crayak to our galaxy, where the Crayak was living in exile. The One came across the Yeerks and separated a group of them from their brothers. These became known as the Yoorts. The One altered the Kelbrid so that they would be highly receptive to control by the Yoorts and then had his army infested. This resulted in a very powerful army with the might of the Kelbrid and the cunning of Yeerks/Yoorts. With this army, The One seized Crayak's base of operations in our galaxy, which is now known as Kelbrid Space.

As the Kelbrid spread across their sector of the galaxy, the Kelbrid grew to outnumber the Yoorts. Eventually, the Kelbrid began to destroy themselves. Seeing their overlords weakened, the population turned against the Kelbrid, starting a massive war. The Kelbrid were defeated, forcing the Yoorts to make peace. For further information on Yoort history, see Yoort.

In the Neomorphs time line, The One is out to prove that he can do what the Crayak couldn't, by using the Yeerks to conquer the galaxy in the way that the Crayak failed to do in its game with the Ellimist. If The One is victorious, the Yeerks and the Kelbrid will be combined in the same way that the Yoort and Kelbrid were. At the same time, the threat of the Crayak's army of Howlers being used against anyone was nuetralized by Jake in boook #26 The Attack. This these events ensure that the Crayak will be almost helpless if The One wins their current conflict. Thus, he has chosen to work through the Animorphs, reasoning that, since they defeated the Yeerks the first time, they may be able to do so again.

It is unclear how many Kelbrid there currently are. They were thought to be extinct by the people of Kelbrid Space, but that has proved false. It is possible that they still exist in large numbers in The One's own galaxy, but that is unconfirmed. The Kelbrid appear to be limitless, though, as The Visser and his advisors seem unconcerned about their numbers. The Kelbrid-Controllers currently make up the bulk of the army of the Yeerk-Pythagi alliance.


The Kelbrid are large beasts, said to have a gorillachest and an Alligator's head. Their right arm ends in a hand with ten fingers, and their left arm ends in poisonous stinger that is nothing less than a built in sword. They do not have eyes, instead they see through whiskers on their face by detecting vibrations in the air. They feel little pain, so they will pursue a target no matter how hurt they are until the point of death. They are not very intelligent (barely sentient), so they leave the thinking to either Yeerks or Yoorts, whichever one happens to be infesting it. Their hide is thick to prevent damage to internal systems during the course of battle. They have a poisonous venom that also acts as an anesthetic, preventing their victims from knowing how badly hurt they are. This poison also has the ability to overcome a Howler's regernerative capabilities, making them very dangerous to Howlers. Kelbrid blood is highly acidic, able to melt through flesh, bone, and even some types of steel.

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