Loren Santorellli


Loren was Tobias's mother. She was also married to Prince Elfangor for several years, followed by a marriage to Santorelli; she remembers neither husband. Loren met Elfangor after being taken prisoner by the Skrit Na aliens and rescued by some Andalites. The Ellimist erased her memories of Elfangor when he returned Elfangor to the proper timeline. A car accident gave her amnesia, erasing her memories of her son and current husband. It also blinded her.

Loren was reunited with Tobias in book 49: The Diversion. Morphing restored her sight, but not her memory. After the war, she went to live with the Andalites on their homeworld. However, she returned to Earth when she learned that Tobias had impregnated Rachel. Also, because (according to what has been published of book 70: The Memories) she was dying due to a disease neither Humans nor Andalites knew how to cure.



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