Megamorphs 5: A New Foe
Megamorphs #5: A New Foe was the 1st Megamorphs book in the Neomorphs series.
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68: The Redemption 69: The Division

Plot Summary

It seems that the Yeerks are at it again. They've kidnapped Rachel and are demanding Tobias's life as a ransom. If he doesn't turn himself in, Rachel and her child will be killed. Unwilling to involve the other Animorphs in this, Tobias set out alone to make his choice. While trying to find Rachel and Tobias on their own, the other Animorphs became separated. Marco and Ax were arrested. Cassie and Jake found themselves swept up by the Chee.

The Visser is poised to become the Yeerk Emperor and gain virtually unlimited power. He has found a cunning new advisor in Salheer 671 and a devoted servant in Kalroth 337. With these two and Guraff, who will be able to oppose him? But over it all looms a shadow more terrible than any the Animorphs could have predicted. This war is about to get completely out of hand. There are evils other than the ambitions of the Yeerks in the galaxy, and now the time has come for the Animorphs to face them…
Main Character: Tobias, Jake, Rachel, Marco, Cassie, and Ax.

Contains Spoilers

Contributions to Plot

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Morphs Gained

Character Morphs Acquired
Tobias None
Jake None
Rachel None
Cassie None
Marco None
Ax None
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