Mersa 528
Physical statistics given are for Mersa 528's host
Name Mersa 528
Title The Traitor
Rank Unspecified; see text
Nationality Yeerk
Gender Male
Race Yeerk; host is Human (Chapman)
Age 25 (host is about 56)
Height 5'10"
Weight 165 lbs.

Mersa 528 is without a doubt the most important secondary character of the Neomorphs series. His rebellion halted the Visser's conquest of earth and caused much damage within the Yeerk ranks. Mersa was a cunning, manipulative Yeerk, with the rare quality of knowing when he has been bested. His host was Hedrick Chapman, the host to the Visser's lieutenant during the First War.

Canon History

Contains Spoilers
Mersa 528 was not a character in the canon series.

Neomorphs History

Mersa was born amongst the renegade Yeerks who stole the Blade ship at the end of the First War. Ruthless and ambitious, Mersa quickly rose through their ranks. When the renegades swore allegiance to The One and later to the Visser, Mersa played along. He quickly became one of the Visser's top men. The Visser had so much faith in his abilities that, when the time came to open a new front for the war, the Visser chose Mersa.

This proved to be the biggest mistake the Visser made during the second war. Using what forces the Visser had allotted him, Mersa launched an armed rebellion against the Visser and even nearly succeeded in killing Guraff 427. Knowing that his forces were insufficient to stop an attack by the Visser and his Kelbrid, Mersa formed a devil's deal with the only ones who could save him: the Animorphs. He used the Animorphs like a weapon to strike at the Visser. Mersa even managed to use the Animorphs to steal the Blade ship.

Mersa's intervention was so great that it came to the attention of higher powers. The One sent two agents to assassinate Mersa; two dead Animorpsh: Jake and Santorelli. Mersa survived their initial attack and, believing that the Animorphs had turned against him, betrayed the Animorphs and attempted to kill them. Curiously, the Animorphs ended up saving his life a few minutes after his attempt to kill him.

It was not long after that that Mersa and the Animorphs learned the conditions of Jake and Santorelli's return: whichever of them killed Mersa would be allowed to remain alive; the other would die. Believing that it was more valuable strategically to keep Mersa alive, the Animorphs decided to do so. However, Mersa did not trust this decision and fled back to The Visser, who accepted him on the condition that Mersa's rebellion would cease and his forces would one again serve the Visser.

However, the Visser quickly came to realize that killing Mersa would be equal to killing Jake and Santorelli. Realizing that he was no longer safe, Mersa fled once more. This time, he went to the Pythagi, who had engineered his rebellion in the first place. The Yeerks and Animorphs hunted him to a Pythagi outpost, where Jake finally killed him,freeing his host in the process.

Personal Life

Mersa had no apparent friends, though he did have two allies: the Andalite Prince Imrahil and the Yeerk Salheer 671.


Fans have expressed a liking of Mersa as a villain, mainly due to his ability to manipulate others.


  • Mersa's name is a joke. Several of capnnerefir's friends play in a band called M.E.R.S.A., which is named after a very serious disease. The name of the band sounds similar to the county in which capnnereifr and his friends lived at the time. The area code of this county was 528.
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