Neomorphs is based off of the Animorphs book series by K. A. Applegate. As such, to understand the plot, one must understand the original series, and how it "ended."


Contains Spoilers
For centuries, the dominant power in the galaxy was the race of Andalites. Their vast intellect and highly advanced technology made them unchallengeable. They traveled the galaxy, more or less peacefully, exploring new worlds and meeting new races. In the [Earth] year 1966, they met the Yeerks. The Yeerks were nothing more than small, grey slugs. But they had a special gift. They could crawl into the brains of other creatures and take control. Every action was controlled by the Yeerk. They could read all of their host's thoughts and memories. They were able to pass as the host in front of anyone, even close friends and relatives.

The Andalite leader, Prince Seerow, did not see the danger that the Yeerks could pose. He felt pity for them, and aided them. He taught them about the world beyond the sludge of their Yeerk pools and gave them the knowledge to build starships. He even removed their greatest weakness: their dependence on their home sun for Kandrona rays. He built them portable Kandrona generators so that they could build Yeerk pools wherever they wanted them.

But the Yeerks betrayed Seerow. They killed many of the Andalites on their homeworld with the Andalites' own weapons. The Yeerks began a war of conquest across the galaxy, seeking to subject all races to slavery under the Yeerk Empire. Only the Andalites could stop them. Many worlds were drawn into their war. And one of the final ones was Earth. An Andalite fleet under the great hero Captain Nerefir engaged the Yeerk ships in orbit above the planet.

The Andalites lost that battle. One of them, the famous Prince Prince Elfangor was shot down and landed in an abandoned construction site. There, he met five human children. He told them about the war, about the covert Yeerk invasion of Earth. And then he gave the only weapon he could to fight back. A piece of Andalite technology. The power to morph. The children accepted this power and this war. They became the first of the Animorphs. Jake, Rachel, Marco, Cassie, and Tobias. They were later joined by the Andalite Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill, the younger brother of Prince Elfangor.

The Animorphs fought against the Yeerks for three years and in the end, they triumphed. But the victory came at a price. Tobias lost his human body. Rachel lost her life. The others survived, even prospered. Until the day that an Andalite named Menderash-Postill-Fastill came to Jake and told him what had happened. Menderash was a soldier under Aximili's command, in charge of hunting down rogue Yeerks. Aximili had been captured. Only Jake and the other Animorphs could hope to rescue him. Hoping to save their friend, Jake, Marco, and Tobias set out once again, this time joined by two humans named Santorelli and Jeanne.

They chased the Yeerks into Kelbrid Space, a foreign sector of the galaxy that the Andalites and their allies were not permitted to enter. They found the Yeerks, but something had happened. The Yeerks were now servants of a being called The One. The One had twisted Aximili's body into something monstrous. In order to destroy them, Jake gave the order to ram their ship with his own, which would presumably kill all involved. The series ended with that order.

Neomorphs begins where the Animorphs series ended.


Contains Spoilers for book 55: The Prologue

Before Jake's order could be carried out, time was stopped by a being called the Drode, a servant of the powerful and enigmatic Crayak. The Drode told Tobias a story. Crayak was once from a different galaxy but was driven out by The One. Now, the One had chased Crayak to our galaxy to finish him once and for all. Crayak needed allies in his fight against The One, and he could think of no one but the Animorphs. The Animorphs agreed to help Crayak defeat The One if Crayak would leave Earth alone from that point onwards. Crayak agreed and, as a sign of their new alliance, returned Tobias to his human form.

The Animorphs quickly discovered that The One had captured Aximili as bait to lure them out of their own territory. While they were gone, The One gathered his forces for a new Yeerk invasion. Again, it was up to the Animorphs to stop it. Early on, they suffered heavy losses. The One used his power to destroy an Andalite fleet and to free Esplin 9466, the feared Yeerk once known as Visser Three. After such a display, however, Crayak and his rival, the Ellimist, forbade The One from using his full power, since the war that would result from direct intervention by Crayak and the Ellimist would destroy the universe.

Thus the Yeerk War began again.


Contains Spoilers
There have been several major developments in the Neomorphs storyline after it began. Major invents include:

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