Prince Imrahil Feyorn Breeyar


Imrahil was a student at the Academy and considered himself the rival of Prince Aximili. Imrahil repeatedly lost most of their various little competitions, fueling a deep resentment towards Aximili. Perhaps the final straw was when Aximili was placed in charge of hunting down the renegade Yeerks in the Blade ship and Imrahil was placed under his command as a subordinate officer. Prince Imrahil was captured along with Aximili when they fell into the Yeerk trap. Rather than be infested, Imrahil cut a deal with the Yeerk Mersa 528, which preserved his freedom if he served Mersa. Imrahil served Mersa more or less loyally until he was captured by Guraff 427 and then made into the new host for the Visser.


Appearences as the Visser's host


  • Prince Imrahil is named after a character in the Lord of the Rings by the same name. Tolkien's Imrahil was a great warrior, nearly equal to Aragorn. Likewise, capnnerefir's Imrahil is nearly equal to his rival, Aximili. capnnerefir is very upset that Prince Imrahil was completely cut out of the film adaptations of the Lord of the Rings.
  • Imrahil is the prototype of one of capnnerefir's favorite characters, the Andalite Prince Ilsagoth.
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