The Pythagi are a race of merchants. They were one of the first space-faring races known to the galaxy and quickly used this to their advantage. They colonized several other habitable worlds, and it is now unknown on which one they originated. The Pythagi prefer to encourage this confusion and have planted evidence on all of their worlds to suggest that they have been there since the beginning of their race.

Early in their history, the Pythagi were content to simply trade with other races. When this was not profitable enough, however, they took a different approach. Essentially, they ran protection rackets by forcing weaker races to pay them for "protection from hostile alien races"; although at the time, the only powerful space-faring race was the Pythagi. There were a few others, and to their credit, the Pythagi did uphold their end of the bargain and protected their clients from these other life forms.

Eventually, the Andalites began to rise to power. At this time, they were a warlike people and eventually came into conflict with the Pythagi. The Andalites got the upper hand and many other races joined with them to destroy the Pythagi. Realizing that this was bad for business, the Pythagi convinced the Andalites to make a deal. The result of this was, among other provisos, an agreement that the Pythagi would not interfere with Andalite interests.

Durking the First War, the Pythagi manufactured ships and weapons for both factions, resulting in a massive profit for the Pythagi. They were allies with both species. The Andalites, being a largely agrarian society, did not have the facilities for a war of this scale. And since the Yeerks could not infest the Pythagi due to their physiology and could not afford to fight a war with them as well, they allied with the Pythagi also.

Current History

In the aftermath of the First War, when the powerful Andalites and Yeerks were weakened, the Pythagi began a new rise to power. They sought an opportunity to force the Andalites to unwrite their previous treaty, which would allow them to expand to new markets; such as Earth, which they could not currently contact due to their treaty. Their first plan was to convince the Kelbrid to go to war with the Andalites. To this end, they sent an envoy into Kelbrid Space.

This envoy discovered that the Kelbrid were no longer in power there. And while this threw off the Pythagi plans, they immediately began trading in Kelbrid Space; most notably with the Iskoort. From this, they learned that the Blade ship and renegade Yeerks were loose in the galaxy. The Pythagi tracked the Blade ship and the Yeerks to Earth, where they learned of the current war raging in secret.

The Pythagi leaders planned to use the reemerging Yeerk Empire to defeat the Andalites. To this end, they contacted a Yeerk leader named Mersa 528 and convinced him to rebel against The Visser. They sought to gain control over these new Yeerks and use them to defeat the Andalites. This rebellion failed due to the intervention of The One. In book 68: The Redemption, The Visser forged a new alliance with the Pythagi on behalf of the Yeerks. This created the current military alliance, known as the Yeerk-Pythagi Alliance.

The Pythagi possess uncountable resources, ships, and weapons, and they are in control of numerous planets throughout the galaxy. In addition to this, the Yeerks bring with them the powerful Kelbrid warriors as well as some skilled tacticians and veteran generals. This combination makes them extremely deadly. To counter this threat, the Andalites allied with several other races throughout the galaxy, most notably the Humans, Anati, Garatrons, and Leerans.


Pythagi are described as being a littler taller than humans, with scaly, light-green skin and a peanut shaped body. They possess two long, muscular, insectoid legs ending in powerful talons that are delicate enough to manipulate objects. They also have thin, weak arms that end in mitten-like hands that grow out of the spot where their legs join their bodies. On the lower portion of their bodies, they posses two beaks. At the top of their bodies are two stalks with an eye on each. Behind each of these stalks is an antennae. Pythagi also possess four fly-like wings that are larger than their bodies, which flap constantly at blinding speed.

Pythagi have some unique capabilities. Their tongues are capable of tasting the chemicals given off by emotions, which allows the Pythagi to detect many things about those around them. Most notably, this ability allows the Pythagi to tell when they are being deceived. Since the Pythagi have no ears, Yeerks are unable to infest them.

When Pythagi speak, it is with both mouths. The Pythagi language is a tonal language and requires two mouths to speak properly. Thus, almost no other species is capable of speaking it. Luckily for the rest of the galaxy, the Pythagi are capable of speaking other languages and are credited with the creation of Galard, a sort of universal language spoken in many places throughout the galaxy.


The Pythagi are one of the most technology advanced races in the galaxy, rivaled only by the Andalites. Amongst their creations are:

As well as innumerable other creations.

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