The Reliquary is Tobias's ship. It was a gift to him from the Andalites. During the early days of the war at Alpha Front, the ship was a permanent home to Tobias, Rachel, and Al, and it also served as an occasional home for other Animorphs. The Reliquary uses a thought-interface that allows Tobias to control it with his mind from a distance. capnnerefir has stated what happened to the Reliquary after Tobias and the rest of the Alphamorphs moved to Alpha front: Tobias has it stashed at a hidden, non-disclosed location on/at/in Alpha front, waiting to be used again.

The Reliquary is described as having an egg-shaped fuselage, curved wings, and enough firepower to take on an Andalite Dome Ship and come out on top, though that is suspected to be a bit of an exaggeration. However, it does appear to have near the same power as a Pythagi Corrupter. The ship is almost completely black, with streaks of white to give it camouflage against visual searches when in space. It possesses a number of upgrades made by Tobias and various associates of his, most notably Al. These include a very effective cloaking system, among many other enhancements.

The Reliquary was used during many books, including:

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