Name Santorelli
Rank Sergeant
Nationality American
Gender Male
Race Human (Caucasian)
Age 45
Height 5'6"
Weight 170 lbs.

Santorelli was one of the Animorphs for a brief period of time. He died early in the Second war, although he has appeared in several books after his death. He is far older than the other Animorphs

Canon History

Contains Spoilers
Santorelli appeared in Book 54: The Beginning as one of Jake's students. He went off with Jake and the others to rescue Prince Aximili at the end of the series.

Neomorphs History

Santoreli's father served in the Korean war, where he met the woman who would eventually become his wife. He was discharged when shrapnel from a grenade made it impossible for him to continue doing his job. His wife later died of cancer, though Santorelli and his sister were fully grown by then. Santorelli and his sister were captured and infested during the First war. Santorelli's father was killed by the Yeerks, since he was useless as a host. Santorelli's sister was killed in the explosion the Animorphs set off which leveled the Yeerk pool in the First War.

Santorelli himself was a highly-trained Green Barret. He was known as an excellent sniper, and was also known to be able to use a weapon with equal efficiency in either hand. He was stationed at Zone 91, as a security officer. The Yeerks captured him as part of their plan to infiltrate the facility.

During his time as a Controller, Santorelli served as a bodyguard for Visser Six. In Book 57: The Weapon, he tells Jeanne that he and another of Visser Six's bodyguards were married. This act of defiance resulted in her death, which Santorelli was forced to watch.

Visser Six was known to enhance his bodyguards in various ways. Due to these enhancements, Santorelli gained an almost perfect memory. Additionally, his time with the Yeerks made him overly familiar with their security systems, allowing him to override nearly any bit of Yeerk technology.

After he was freed at the end of the First War, Santoreli went to work in the government. When Tri-I was founded, Santorelli immediately sought employment and was appointed as a security officer in their world headquarters. He abandoned this position to go with Jake to rescue Prince Aximili.

In Book 57: The Weapon, Santorelli and Tobias endured a journey through time. When they returned, the two of them loaded the Time Matrix onto a ship and flew it into the sun. At this point, they were both presumed dead. However, both were saved by Azmaveth, though at the time neither was aware of the true nature of their savior. Tobias was transported to his chidlhood home. Santorelli was taken back through time.

During his time in the past, Santorelli became the chief of police in the town in which he lived, and married Loren, taking Prince Elfangor's place in her life and in Tobias's life. Since all record of Elfangor's time on Earth was removed, all records name Santorelli as Tobias's father. In order to ensure that Tobias's personal timeline (and, by extension, that of all the Animorphs) remained intact, Santorelli killed himself in a car crash, which also left Loren with amnesia.

Santorelli returned from the dead alongside Jake in Book 66: The Hunters due to a deal with Azmaveth. Whichever of the two of them killed the Yeerk Mersa 528 would be allowed to remain alive. Santorelli chose Jake's life over his. He remained a background character in several subsequent books (Book 67: The Loss and was mentioned in Book 68: The Redemption) and returned to the dead in A New Foe.

Although capnnerefir as expressed on may occasions regret over killing Santorelli, he has no plans to bring him back to life in the future.

Personal Life

Santorelli and Jeanne enjoyed a rather close relationship during their time together. Tobias and Santorelli were good friends in life; Tobias was not permitted to remember that Santorelli was his step-father until after Santorelli's death. Afterwards, their relationship was somewhat closer. Santorelli and Loren are not especially close. While he loved her, she was unable to remember him. It is theorized that Santorelli and Elfangor would either get along wonderfully or attempt to murder each other.

Santorelli had a sister, who was killed by the Yeerks. In The Weapon, he references having a brother, who was an alcoholic. His relationship with this brother was very distant, if it existed at all. For this reason, the Yeerks did not kill his brother (as they did to Santorelli's father) or infest him (as they did to his sister).


Santorelli was around only briefly, and there has not been a strong fan reaction to him one way or another.


  • Fly
  • Cockroach
  • Rhinosauras
  • Cooper's Hawk
  • Human male (Tri-I Security guard)
  • Howler


  • While in Korea, Santorelli's father developed a fascination with Eastern history and culture. Santorelli gained this from his father and, in turn, passed it on to Tobias.
  • capnnerefir discovered a part in book 54 in which Jake stated that Santorelli was only 5 years older than he was. capnnerefir has, for continuity reasons, retconed this. His official stance is now this:

It was a typo and was supposed to be 15 instead of 5 - we can safely assume this because, in professional writing, you are supposed to spell out numbers smaller than 10. Therefore, the 5 was supposed to be 15 - also, Jake's guess was low by a few years.

While capnenrefir admits that this is complete and uter bulllarky, he will stand by it for the sake of the Neomorphs continuity.

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