Little is known about Taxxon history, if they have any history at all. What is known is that when the Yeerks encountered them, they gained the loyalty of the Taxxon race by promising them exotic foods. Though there was a Taxxon resistance, it was very weak, as no Taxxon poses a threat to a Hork-bajir or other Yeerk warrior. After the defeat of the Yeerks in the First War, the Taxxons were blockaded on their homeworld.


The only thing a Taxxon thinks about is food. This is because the entire species suffers from the delusion that they are on the verge of starvation at all times. Thus, a Taxxon will eat anything, including members of its own race or, if possible, itself. A Taxxon's hunger is so overpowering that not even a Yeerk can control it.


Taxxons are like gigantic centipedes, as wide around as a sewer-pipe. They have dozens of needle-like legs and walk along the ground with the upper third of their bodies held erect. They have four round eyes and a round, tooth-filled mouth at the top of their bodies. Taxxons are capable of excreting a goo that serves as a lubricant. They are excellent tunnelers and swimmers.


Taxxons seem to have little to no technology of their own. What technology they possess comes from the Yeerks and other races. Though they lack their own equipment, Taxxons are skilled builders and their world became the industrial center of the Yeerk Empire.

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