75: The Impending

Book #75: The Impending was the 21st book in the Neomorphs series.

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Megamorphs 6 76: The Escalation

Plot Summary

After nine long months of waiting, Rachel is finally back in action again. And just in time too. The Animorphs might be up against their greatest challenge yet: an ancient threat far more destructive than the Yeerks. One that Earth is going to have to deal with very, very soon.

In addition to protecting the world from one of the galaxy's greatest dangers, the Animorphs must help the inexperienced military forces of Earth launch the planet's very first invasion of another world. with more dangers than they've ever experienced before, the Animorphs need Rachel more than ever.
Main Character: Rachel


Contains Spoilers
Having given birth to her son, Gideon, Rachel has returned to active duty as a full member of the Animorphs. After a fight against the Yeerks in which she fights a duel with Guraff 427 and kills an Apostate, the Alphamorphs return home, where Rachel and Tobias discuss various issues with the Andalite War Council. In the middle of the night, they are woken up when a Ssri'Kai arrives at their door. This Ssri'Kai (named Fel'Mar was once the host of an Apostate, but she has escaped. It is theorized that Crayak has allowed Fel'Mar to escape because previously, Crayak had allowed The One to make two humans into Controllers.

Fel'Mar warns the Animorphs that a Kelbrid transport ship is on its way toward Earth. These Kelbrid are not under the command of the Visser and do not know about the invasion of Earth. Because of this, they are exempt from the secrecy rules by which the Yeerks and Animorphs must operate, meaning that they are free to devastate Earth as much as they wish. The Animorphs attempt to rally warships to destroy the transport but cannot gather the necessary support. They resolve to investigate the Kelbrid ship and discover if there is a way to destroy it from within. A team consisting of Rachel, Tobias, Al, Jeanne, and Fel'Mar is sent to the ship. They infiltrate it to find that all but one of the Kelbrid are in hibernation.

After Rachel defeats the Kelbrid leader in single combat, the Kelbrid (who Rachel decides to call Kevin) agrees to observe the Animorphs and determine if Earth is worthy of his tribe's aid. Before this exchange can go much farther, a Yeerk strike force lands and attacks the Animorphs. They hold off the initial assault but are badly outnumbered and are forced to retreat. The Yeerks - led by an Inspector loyal to the Emperor - steal the Kelbrid transport by picking it up with the tractor beams of a powerful Nova-class Empire ship, intending to carry it to Mars.

When the Animorphs return home, they learn that the Andalites and Vladimir Putin have been urging Earth's military leaders to appoint Tobias as the commander of the upcoming attack on Mars. Tobias and Rachel theorize that this is the doing of something called the War Clan, which is associated with events in Megamorphs 6. Additionally, David tells the Animorphs that he has grown very old and will soon need to assume his human form permanently. He plans to help the Animorphs deal with the Mars events, and then retire.
End Spoilers

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