The International Invasion Investigation Force

The International Invasion Investigation Force is better known simply as 2-If, 3F, and (most commonly) Tri-I.


After the Yeerk invasion of Earth came to the attention of the planet's leaders, most of the governments on Earth took unified action to uncover all the information they could about the invasion to ensure that it did not happen again. Special agents from all major countries were assigned to a special committee, the International Invasion Investigation Force. The goals of the committee were to:

  • 1: Uncover any and all evidence of the invasion.
  • 2: Confiscate any and all alien technology that could not reasonably be left in the hands of civilians.
  • 3: Uncover evidence for the prosecution of voluntary hosts.
  • 4: Develop weapons and procedures for use in the event of future invasions by hostile alien races.
  • 5: Ensure that Earth was never covertly invaded again.

Though it was originally only supposed to be a temporary committee, Tri-I soon established itself as a powerful entity beyond the control of any government and thus became a permanent organization that spanned the globe.


Initial reaction to Tri-I was strongly positive. Mankind as a whole wanted answers to a lot of questions. However, once Tri-I established itself as a permanent force that was more than a simple investigatory operation, many became suspicious of their intentions. Several governing bodies, most notably in the Middle East and China, outlawed Tri-I and instead conducted their own investigations. Others regarded the organization with hostility, treating it as an enemy or at least a rival. Some, most notably the United States of America, accepted it as an ally.


Tri-I is divided into a cell system. There are various divisions in cities throughout the world. Each branch conducts its own operations and is not connected to any other divisions to ensure security. All information is stored at the Tri-I world headquarters in America, which is generally accepted to be the most heavily guarded structure on Earth. Each division is run by a local director.

There are two branches of Tri-I: Sword Branch and Shield Branch. Shield Branch acts as a monitoring organization. They keep track of aliens on earth, trafficking of alien weapons, and things of that nature. While Shield Branch watches, Sword Branch takes action, retrieving alien technology, investigating leads, etc. It is rumored that Shield Branch also monitors the actions of various private citizens and governments, and several assassinations have been blamed on Sword Branch Operatives. Most Sword Branch Operatives are morph capable.

Those who work for Tri-I are called Operatives. Though it is generally believed (and officially stated by Tri-I) that all Operatives are human, it is also well known that Tri-I takes much assistant from Andalites and employs them as guards or outside help in many situations.


Above the usual Operatives of Tri-I are an elite group known as the EPICs (Elite Protection and Infiltration Commando). EPIC Operatives were recruited from all over the world, even from countries hostile to Tri-I. They are the best mankind has to offer. The smartest, the bravest, and the deadliest. In addition to possessing extensive training, skills, and talent, all EPICs are morph capable.

The leader of the EPICs is Adrian Rook, making him (presumably) the deadliest man on Earth with the possible exception of the Animorphs.

Relation to the Animorphs

Tri-I credits the Animorphs as the first Operatives. They discovered the invasion, investigated it, and stopped it. Every Operative looks to them as role models, though not equally. Shield Branch Operatives tend to look up to Marco and Tobias while Sword Branch Operatives idolize Jake and Rachel. Tri-I often buts heads with the Animorphs throughout the series due to the fact that Tri-I is supposed to uncover things like the Yeerk invasion and the Animorphs must keep it secret.


Tri-I possesses a great deal of alien technology as well as advanced human technology based off of what they have collected. It is believed that Tri-I has either managed to get an Escafil Device from somewhere or manufacture one of their own, as a great many of their Operatives are morph-capable.


Tri-I or Operatives thereof have appeared in the following books:

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