Time Matrix

Shaped like a giant ball the Time Matrix represents a piece of highly advanced technology giving the power to time travel and manipulate the fabric of reality as well as the creation of artificial universes when too many people are trying to use it at once. These artificial universes eventually collapse.

It is unknown who made the Time Matrix. The Andalites believe that the Ellimist made it, but there is no mention of it in The Ellimist Chronicles

The Time Matrix currently resides very close to the sun's surface in an attempt to disallow use of it. Tobias and Santorelli went on a suicide mission to accomplish this, but they were both saved by some unusual time-twisting. The Animorphs had contemplated destroying it to keep the Yeerks from getting it, but decided against as they were unsure what kind of effect the destruction of the Time Matrix would have on the fabric of space-time, so they decided to play it safe and simply put the Time Matrix where no one else could get it. The Time Matrix is inside a prototype ship that was intended to mine stars, but was deemed too expensive. This ship can survive the temperatures of the sun, but no other ship is known to have this ability, thus rendering the Time Matrix unreachable and therefore unusable when Tobias and Santorelli drove the ship into the sun.

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