War Prince Elfangor Sirinial Shamtul


War-Prince Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul, better known as Prince Elfangor (or Beast Elfangor), was a famous Andalite warrior. He was the Andalite who told the original Animorphs about the war between the Andalites and the Yeerks and gave them the power to morph. He was the brother of Prince Aximili and also the father of Tobias and Alloran.



  • capnnerefir does not expect to write extensively about Elfangor. So he spent effort to make him "immortally epically badass". After what capnnerefir considers an "epic fight" with Guraff 427, Elfangor curbstomped a Hork-bajir to death, morphed a platypus, and had intercourse with a female of his species.
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