Yoort history begins with a disaster called the Cataclysm. Before the Cataclysm, the Yoorts were Yeerks. Although the true nature of this disaster is unknown, the effect is well remembered. Half of the Yeerk population was removed from the planet, set adrift in space on a moon. Because they were adrift in space, the Yoorts did not have access to Kandrona rays and were in danger of starving to death. However, the One intervened and supplied them with Kandrona radiation. The One guided the Yoorts through space until they reached what was to become Kelbrid space. It is theorized that the One must have transported them through Zero Space, as the journey would have otherwise taken countless generations.

Once they reached their destination, the One began using the Yoort to infest the Kelbrid. With the intelligence of the Yoorts guiding them, the One unleashed the Kelbrid upon an unsusupecting galaxy. Generations of bloody and savage warfare ensued. In the end, the Kelbrid claimed half of the sector that they were seeking to capture (the other half having successfully been defended by the Ssri'Kai. The Kelbrid then began consolidating their power.

However, the Kelbrid began to grow extremely numerous. Yoorts were given other host bodies to help control the population. In time, almost none of the Kelbrid were infested. It was then that their natural inclinations took command of them and the Kelbrid turned on one another. Seizing the opportunity, the races of Kelbrid Space rose up and fought against their overlords. Eventually, the Kelbrid were all either killed or driven out of the galaxy. However, it is suspected that the retreating Kelbrid did so under orders from the One.

With the Kelbrid gone, the people of that sector of space then turned against their remaining enemy: the Yoorts. Knowing that they would be destroyed, the Yoorts retreated to their fortress world. They swore off violence forever, tore down the walls of their miles-high fortress, and began creating symbiotic bodies called Isk to take the place of their hosts. Within five generations, Yoorts were all hosted in the Isk symbiotes, and the race took the name of Iskoort.

The Iskoort world soon became the center of commerce and trade in Kelbrid Space. The planet was once a fortress and was chosen as such due to it's strategic location. Most Z-space routes in Kelbrid Space passed near it. When it was converted into a meeting place, all races of that sector found themselves there and it grew into the largest metropolis in the entire known galaxy.


Yoorts themselves are very similar to Yeerks in natural physiology. What changes they made to themselves as a result of their symbiosis with the Isk are unclear. For more information, see Yeerk and Iskoort.

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